A coursework to demonstrate your ability and knowledge in global investment business

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PhD in International Business

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MBA/MS in Finance

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an ability to apply the knowledge on country differences and theoretical frameworks to real international business contexts, an ability to identify and critically evaluate strategic issues and dilemmas that managers face when doing business in the global marketplace.

Bring a Global Perspective to Your Business or Academic Career with an International Business PhD. As part of the PhD in International Business, you will also select a minor area of specialization in which you develop a functional expertise.

Students are expected to acquire and demonstrate advanced knowledge on issues surrounding. According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, the volume of data doubles every three years.

Online Master of Science in Applied Business Analytics Degree

As data-driven business models change the face of industry, developing the ability to capitalize upon this valuable resource is compulsory. Individuals with “real world” experience who seek in-depth knowledge and skills in business management and strategy.

you choose when and where to complete your coursework. Once you demonstrate your competency in a subject area, you can move on to your next course. you should know that a degree is a great investment in yourself that. The coursework covers a spectrum of business concepts including accounting procedures, written business communications, human relations as they apply to the business environment, investment principles, the operation of securities markets, American monetary system and financial institutions, managerial functions, and marketing techniques.

How to Market Your Master’s Degree to Employers

Complete a capstone course in which you will demonstrate your ability to apply the concepts learned to real-world business management scenarios.

See the University Catalog for policy and degree plan information specific to this program.

A coursework to demonstrate your ability and knowledge in global investment business
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