Brookings metropolitan business plan

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Chicago Selected by Brookings Institution for Distinguished Metropolitan Export Initiative

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Brookings Institution

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Chicago was selected by the Brookings Institution to participate in its Metropolitan Export Initiative (MEI), a ground-up collaborative effort to help a pilot group of regional civic, business, and political leaders create and implement customized Metropolitan Export Plans (MEP). A new report from the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program argues that initiatives to support and grow industry clusters remain a potentially powerful strategy to jump-start local economic growth, but only if certain market and civic fundamentals are in place.

The Brookings Institution has announced that Charleston is one of eight communities selected to participate in the Brookings Metropolitan Export Exchange (MEE) an initiative which will provide a roadmap for the Charleston region to develop an action-oriented export plan that is customized to the region’s assets and capacities.

With help from the Brookings Institution, CenterState CEO is out with a new strategic plan to boost the central New York regional economy.

The plan was two years in the making.

Chennai metropolitan area

The Washington-based Brookings' Metropolitan Policy Program picked Syracuse as one of the regions it would assist. The city of Ogden, together with its neighboring communities, has the narrowest wealth gap among America’s largest metropolitan statistical areas.

The Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA) is the fourth most populous, and the fourth largest metropolitan area in India and is the 22nd most populous city in Asia or the 40th most populous city in the world. The CMA consists of the metropolitan city of Chennai (Madras) and its suburbs located in Kanchipuram district and Thiruvallur Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) is.

Brookings metropolitan business plan
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