Door to door car wash business plan

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Unlimited Car Washes!

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Items you might need

He bought the house next door, at S. 50th St., and tore it down in Buchanan backed off an expansion plan that included an extended car wash driveway after city planning officials and. Rolling Out the Red Carpet For Your Car When you want your car looking and feeling like new, come to Red Carpet Car Wash!

Door-to-door steam carwash launches in Mumbai

There are tons of cleaning options and monthly wash plans to choose from to address all of your interior and exterior needs. Splash N Dash are an Auto Car Wash Service Provider located in Richland Hills, TX (DFW area) who prides ourselves on reliability, honesty and professionalism.

We proudly provide a variety of services to give our clients the specific cleaning service, including: Unlimited Wash Plan, Full Services, Detail Services, Exterior Washes. J&J Ventures, Inc. seeks financing to build and operate a state-of-the-art car wash in a small, but growing, community outlying several urban areas as well as a major metropolitan area.

Wash Club. We offer both Unlimited Full Service and Exterior Wash Plans! Membership Benefits – Why Join? door jambs and wheels hand wiped and dried as needed; Removal of or modification of sticker from windshield constitutes immediate cancellation of plan.

You may wash your car 1 time per day each day of the month. Quick, Convenient. Nov 17,  · Car Wash Self Service Business Plan In this sample business plan, Auto Paradise outlines its concept of self service PLUS. It will provide the highest quality laser car wash, self-serve car wash and vacuum/shampoo services as well as offer ATM services and sell reverse osmosis (RO) water on site.4/5(4).

Door to door car wash business plan
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