London legacy development corporation business plan

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The two key development sites around the London Stadium known as UCL East and the Stratford Waterfront will be home to an array of landmark university, museum and performance buildings.

At hectares, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is one of the largest new urban spaces to be established in Europe for years. The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) is overseeing the area’s transformation into a home for people, businesses, sports, culture and education.

Clare Qualmann is an artist/researcher with an interdisciplinary performance oriented practice. From a background in the visual arts her work engages a range of participatory methods, and a range of media to explore and reveal the overlooked - the politics and potentials of everyday life.

The London Legacy Development Corporation (“the LLDC”) was established by the London Legacy Development Corporation (Establishment) Order (S.I. /) for the purpose of regenerating the Olympic Park and surrounding areas.

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What was the LDDC?

Planning and increasing the Marketing proposal management plan. Manage and coordinate all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities Title: Business Development Manager .

London legacy development corporation business plan
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